Passenger & Goods Lifts

Passenger Goods Lift

Many of our archive storage racking systems have integrated good lifts and passenger goods lifts for trained operators to enable fast and safe retrieval of boxes and files.

We offer a range of goods lifts that are suited to various applications and conditions. All of our goods lifts are of a self-supporting modular construction, meaning fast installation times with no cutting or welding required and completely customisable configurations of between 2 and 6 stopping levels. Our goods lifts also require low clearance due to the electromechanical drive being side mounted and avoiding the need for a pit through use of a ramp.

Similar in construction to our goods lifts, our passenger goods lifts allow cargo being transported in the lift to be accompanied by an operative, reducing the time and energy required to transport the cargo. Control panels located both internally within the elevator car and externally are used to call and send the elevator.

All of our goods and passenger goods lifts can be designed to carry load capacities of between 500kg and 2000kg, with elevator car footprints available in various sizes of between 1000mm and 2800mm in each direction.