Pallet Racking Ancillaries

In-Rack Sprinklers

In-Rack Sprinkler Systems

Our in-rack sprinkler systems are automatically activated upon detection of fire and installed to prevent the spread of fire within a contained racking system.

VESDA Smoke Detection

VESDA Smoke Detection

Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) smoke detection systems are an advanced smoke detecting laser technology that continuously sample and test for the presence of smoke particles in the air contained in a building.

Racking Lighting

Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Our range of lighting and emergency lighting systems are specifically designed for use within racking systems to allow safe operation, whilst remaining economical through the use of PIR motion-sensing automatic switches.

Passenger Goods Lift

Passenger and Goods Lifts

Our passenger lifts and passenger goods lifts are of a self-supporting modular construction, meaning fast installation times with no cutting or welding required and completely customisable configurations of between 2 and 6 stopping levels.

Pallet Gates

Pallet Gates

Mezzanine floor pallet safety gates are installed into the open perimeters of mezzanine floors to enable loading access up onto the mezzanine level in a safe and easy manner.