In-Rack Sprinkler Systems

In-Rack Sprinkler

In-rack sprinkler systems are installed to prevent the spread of fire within a contained racking system. In the event of a fire occurring, the sprinkler system's heat-sensitive heads detect the increase in temperature and are automatically activated, initiating the discharge of water over the area and quickly extinguishing the fire before it spreads further. Spacing of the sprinkler heads is calculated based on the size of the building and type of materials being stored, ensuring that there is always a sufficient amount of water being discharged in an area to extinguish a fire.

In a multi-tier racking system, in-rack sprinklers are generally installed to the under side of floor level aisles, but depending on requirements can also branch into the shelving structure. In-rack sprinklers are often an insurance requirement for archive storage facilities due to the high density of combustible items being stored in a confined space.

With the size and capacities of storage facilities expanding year on year, a large-scale warehouse fire can result in not only devastating, business crippling losses in terms of lost materials and business, but also puts the safety of employees at risk and could leave you facing compensation claims. Installation of our engineered in-rack sprinkler systems minimises these risks and maximises your facility's fire protection.